Your Generosity Gives Hope to Families in Need

After selling her house to repay the heavy debts incurred by her ex-husband over twenty years ago, Madam Tan did not have much savings to live on. With chronic pain in her hands and a nerve issue that extends to her back and legs, Madam Tan was also unable to work in many jobs. Living with little to no income while raising young children, she felt stressed and helpless. Thankfully, with her neighbour’s encouragement, Madam Tan turned to MWS Family Development Programme (FDP) in 2018 for help.

Through the programme, for every $1 that Madam Tan saved, MWS would match it with $2 which was covered by donations. She was also encouraged to save and guided on how to do so. These are small steps that Madam Tan is taking to improve life for her family.

These days, Madam Tan works as a part-time cleaner. She is also trying to spend more time with her children and even serve as a community volunteer. It is in facing difficulties in life that Madam Tan is moved to help others from befriending neighbours in need to coordinating distribution of donated goods to them.

“I am really so thankful for this MWS programme. I hope to use the money I’ve saved for my children’s schooling next time. I am less stressed now and proud that I can support my children and other people,” shared a beaming Madam Tan.

This Chinese New Year, donate generously to give families hope and confidence for tomorrow. MWS supports over 9,000 individuals and families regardless of race, language or religion. Your giving enables MWS to continue our work in empowering people to have life to the full. Thank you for showing kindness through your gift.

Thank you for showing kindness through your gift.

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